What does it mean to RAK (”rock”) your Life?

Imagine a life where being in good health isn't a chore but rather a gateway to endless possibilities. A life where you're not just surviving but thriving.

Whether you aspire to be an active parent, travel the world, or optimize your longevity, RAK Your Life is designed to make good health a stepping stone to achieving your dreams.

I'm Dr. Rak (”rock”), a Lifestyle Medicine physician with 15 years of clinical experience. For years I struggled with poor health.

In my mid-30s, the birth of my third child was my wake-up call. Through lifestyle changes, I was able to reverse my chronic diseases and lost over 70 pounds. My own transformation inspired me to empower you to elevate your life through a healthy lifestyle.

I will help you

Live mindfully.

Eat whole, colorful, nutritious foods.

Move your body regularly.

Get enough quality sleep.

Foster loving connections.

Reverse and prevent chronic disease

Live the life of your dreams



RYL Tribe

Weekly Health Education Groups

Plant-Based Tribe (2 spots remain)

Heart Health Tribe (4 spots remain)

Men’s Peak Tribe (6 spots remain)

  • Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment
  • 1-hour weekly group Tribe sessions
  • Monthly workshops and webinars + Recordings
  • Access to RYL Resources/Guides


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RYL Solo

Personalized 1:1 Support

Biweekly and Weekly

options are available

  • Monthly 1:1 medical appointment (seeing patients in CA, TX, FL, NY, OH, CO, PA, TN, ME)
  • Unlimited messaging with Dr. Rak
  • Lab testing and review
  • Personalized nutrition and movement plans
  • Access to RYL Resources


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RYL Total

Weekly Group + 1:1 Support

Biweekly and Weekly

options for 1:1 support

are available

  • All the benefits of RYL Tribe and RYL Solo in one convenient package (seeing patients in CA, TX, FL, NY, OH, CO, PA, TN, ME)


($100 savings!)

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Partnering with Dr. Rak gave me a safe place to discuss challenges I was having on my life journey.

Thoughtful, individualized, science-backed feedback from a doctor who cares. Dr. Rak is about living better.

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jennifer A.

Dr. Rak has been pivotal in helping me adopt a whole-food plant-based lifestyle. His knowledge, guidance and encouragement motivated me to start and stick with this way of eating. Since working with Dr. Rak, I've lost over 10 pounds (in less than one month) and continue to lose weight. More than anything I feel so much better in my own body. I highly recommend working with Dr. Rak as he will give you the tools and support to succeed.

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armand f.

I am so grateful for his continuing compassionate and medically professional training and support.

It has changed my life and I am growing healthier and healthier every day.

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debbie a.


The Prevention Plate with Dr. Rak and Chef Chloe Presents: Health Cholesterol with Flavor and Fun!

🗓️ Date: Sunday, April 28, 2024

🕐 Time: 1 PM PST / 4 PM EST

📍 Location: Zoom

💲 Cost: $20 (Included in all RYL memberships)

🔗 More info and reserve a spot here*

*RYL members will be contacted separately with a signup link

What's on the menu?

🫐 Oat Berry Muffins

🍆 Miso Glazed Eggplant

🍛 Thai Almond Green Curry

🥦 Broccoli Chickpea Bake

🍵 Matcha Green Smoothie

* During the class, we will demo two of the recipes you can cook along with us. Chef Chloe will preview the others for you to cook at your leisure!

What to expect:

🍲 Cook along with Chef Chloe as she prepares mouthwatering plant-based dishes that are also super healthy.

🧘‍♂️ Experience mindfulness and mindful eating led by Dr. Rak, including guided meditation to enhance your experience.

📚 Participants will receive Dr. Rak's Healthy Cholesterol Guide — A concise guide to integrating evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle tips to support healthy cholesterol levels.

💬 Engage with Dr. Rak and Chef Chloe in a live Q&A to address your health questions.

This session is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their heart health with fun, food, and practical wisdom. You will get a menu, a shopping guide, and full recipes emailed before the event.

About Dr. Rak

Dr. Rak, the heart and soul behind RAK Your Life, brings a wealth of knowledge, compassion, and dedication to the field of Lifestyle Medicine. With over a decade of experience, Dr. Rak’s background includes undergraduate work at Duke University, medical school at The University of Chicago, clinical training at UCSF and Stanford, and a distinguished tenure for

over a decade at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco, where he served as Director of Lifestyle Medicine. With RYL, Dr. Rak has embarked on a mission to transform healthcare through the principles of lifestyle medicine.

How We Make It Happen

We offer memberships designed to meet you where you are on your health journey. Whether you're interested in group coaching or one-on-one medical visits, we have a plan that aligns with your needs and lifestyle. Our programs are built on a foundation of expert guidance, group support, and accountability. This approach ensures that your path to better health is not only simple and effective but also enjoyable and sustainable for the long term.

Why a three-month commitment?

To set you up for success, we recommend an initial three-month commitment for all our membership plans. This timeframe allows us to work closely with you to set achievable goals, provide consistent support, and monitor your progress. While you can cancel at any time, we find that members who commit to this period tend to experience the most significant improvements in their health.

with 3 essential ingredients

Rak is short for my name,

but it’s also short for the 3 essential ingredients to make sustainable changes to your habits.

Roots, Awareness and Kindness.

ROOTS reflect our deeper purpose, goals, and aspirations that root us in our reasons to make change

AWARENESS is a superpower that allows us to see clearly what we do now and how we can best make change

KINDNESS is a reminder to show love and compassion, first for ourselves, and then powerfully for others. Kindness also reminds us that we sustain change by making “kind changes” that are both good for us and feel good.

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If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.